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It's Busted Pipe Season in Russellville, Hamilton, and Fayette Counties!

12/22/2022 (Permalink)


Busted pipes can wreak havoc and spell disaster in a commercial building. It is important to have to protocols in place to get the water turned off and cleaned up as quickly as possible. 

The #1 priority when a pipe burst, is to get the water turned off ASAP. After the supply has been turned off, open up every faucet to drain the remaining water from the lines. Also turn off the water the heater and flush every toilet at least one time. Once these objectives have been completed, the next phase can begin. 

Step #2 is to reduce secondary damage. This is done by getting the water removed from the structure in a timely manner. Water will continue to move through building materials as long as it is present. If there is any doubt that water ran through an area that contains electricity, turn off the power at the breakers and consult an electrician to perform an inspection. 

Step #3 is to contact a certified mitigation specialist such as SERVPRO. Even though you may have removed the standing water, there will still be elevated moisture levels and humidity. It is crucial to make sure that moisture levels and humidity are returned to preloss levels to reduce the risk of mold forming. 

Should busted pipes cause water to infiltrate your building, call SERVPRO today to let us help you get your business back in working order. 

Protect Your Assets

7/22/2022 (Permalink)

You have so much time  and energy and resources to protect and
increase the value of your business. When you experience fire, water
or mold damage in your facility, you need fast response and expertise
to handle the situation to get back in operation as soon as possible.
You expect the best service and most reliable service at a fair price.
Here at SERVPRO we are certified professionals that are trained and
committed  to providing fire and water cleanup and restoration
services to reduce business interruptions and recovery costs.
Technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help get
your business back in business.

A great benefit for Choosing SERVPRO is our
Service Response Guidelines
We take great pride in our 1-4-8- Service Response Guidelines
Within 1 hr from notice of loss, a SERVPRO Professional will contact
you to arrange for service
Within 4 hrs of loss notification, a SERVPRO Professional will be on
site to start mitigation services.
Within 8 business hrs of on site arrival, a verbal briefing of the
scope will be communicated to the appropriate person.

Make Sure Your Business Is Ready For Summer

6/30/2022 (Permalink)

Air Ducts & HVAC Cleaning

HVAC cleanings should be done on a re-occurring schedule every couple of years. Maintaining the HVAC can unsure that your system is running properly and lower your chances of problem's in the future. If your system has not been cleaned recently, you could be circulating dust, dirt, pollen, odors, and debris around your business

Odor Removal

Removing odor's is centered around removing the source. Whether it is a mildew smell, pet odor, or smoke odor, our technicians are trained to identify the source of the odor and treat it accordingly. We offer many different specialized treatments for an array of odors that could be affecting your business. Should you have questions or are curios about our procedures for odor removal, give us a call today!

Common Problems With HVAC

6/30/2022 (Permalink)

HVAC systems are the one thing we depend on in the south to escape the scorching heat. It is important to have your system inspected and cleaned on a re-occurring basis to ensure you catch any issues before they cause disaster in your place of business. One of the most common types of problems is the drain line getting clogged up with debris and causing water to affect areas surrounding the HVAC unit itself. Check your drain line frequently to ensure there is no back up in the drain line. 

The second problem is found in the duct work itself. It is not uncommon for holes to be notched in the duct work of an HVAC system, whether it's from animals, or just wear and tear over time. Holes in the duct work can cause efficiency issues and affect the way your system runs. 

Another problem is the HVAC system is putting out too much moisture. This could be from a lack of freon or, as mentioned previously, holes in the duct work. a typically HVAC will produce humidity levels of between 45-55% humidity. If level's start to rise and the atmosphere in the facility begins to portray humidity levels of more than 60%, you begin to run the risk of microbial activity.

Should you have any questions about a HVAC system problem you may be having, give us a call.

Commercial Damage

6/29/2022 (Permalink)

When disaster strikes at a commercial property it affects people's jobs and livelihood, income and productivity of your company.  That's
when you need our fast response and expertise to handle the is to get back in operation as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our SERVPRO professionals are highly trained and we are committed to provide expert fire and water cleanup and restoration and reduce
business interruptions and recovery costs for all of your needs. Such as fire, smoke, soot, water removal, dehumidification, mold prevention
and remediation services, biohazard and sewage backup cleaning, content claim inventory service, air duct and HVAC cleaning, carpet
and hard floor cleaning and care, upholstery and drapes wet and dry methods, bad odors and stain removal needs. We are here for you 24/7.
"Like it never even happened."

Flooded Commercial Buildings

5/24/2022 (Permalink)

Flooding in any building can cause issues. Commercial buildings add an extra layer of complications. After a flood, the water is not the only issue that can arise. Humidity levels rise as the water soaks into materials. Rising humidity levels can lead to mold growth as well as affecting documents and electrical equipment.

A busted pipe or busted water sprinkler head can cause hundreds of gallons of water to affect multiple levels and multiple rooms. It is important to know where shutoffs for the sprinkler systems and water supply are.

Removing standing water and placing fans and dehumidifiers over affected area can help reduce the chances for secondary damages. If water is to take over your place of business, contact your local SERVPRO immediately so they can help you restore your place of business as quick as possible.

The Longer Your Business is Closed, The More Money is Lost

2/1/2022 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO of Russellville, Hamilton and Fayette we understand that when a commercial water emergency occurs in your business it is important that the issues is mitigated quickly and efficiently. During these emergencies, it is not just the building that needs to be back up and functioning but the materials and equipment you use on a daily basis that allows your business to be successful.  

We have the ability to save things like office furniture, desk, and even sensitive information that may be stored in the office with our Document Restoration. We are in the business of restoring these items that may have been damaged during your water emergency. We always attempt to salvage anything damaged because we understand that it can keep the cost down for you and the insurance company as well the value it has to your company. If an item can be saved or restored it is worth the time to do so.  

SERVPRO of Russellville, Hamilton and Fayette works tirelessly to treat each of your items with special care to protect. Our team is trained to keep your items from damage while we do work. Our content specialists team does wonders with your clean-up on all types of materials.  

Trust that our highly trained technicians keeps in mind that time down for your business, is money lost. So our team will work around the clock to make sure it is “Like it never even happened,” and your business is back up and running!